Leather Protective Biker Clothing and Motorcycle Safety Equipment

Having the proper safety equipment on you, your motorcycle, wearing protective clothing, and knowing the does and don’t (s) could save your life. We will focus on these and more throughout this series.With excessive fuel cost and unemployment on the rise, more people are riding motorcycles. In 2000 almost three thousand people were killed riding two wheel motorized vehicles on road and off. In 2007 these numbers rose above five thousand. Weather was not a factor in 98% of these fatalities. Approximately two thirds of these accidents involved collision with another motorist, most usually a passenger vehicle. Most of these drivers never saw the motorcycle before the collision. A very high percent (98% in 2006) of these riders had little or no professional training. Being self taught, or learning from friends and family. Protective biker clothing comes in textiles and leather. They not only protect your body from wind and rain, but also from bugs and debris that might fly up from the roadway. Most common protective clothing are jackets, chaps, pants, overalls, and vests. Some of these offer even more protection by padding them in critical areas such as: shoulders, elbows, backs and knees. Motorcycle safety equipment can consist of (but is not limited to)Motorcycle helmets-protects your head from serious injury in a fall or spill. Helmets should fit snugly. You should never purchase a used helmet, that might have been in a previous accident. Always try on a helmet with any accessories that you might add later, such as, goggles, full face shields, sunglasses, and communication devices.Boots-should be heeled and slip resistant.Crash Bars- can be attached to both the front and rear of your motorcycle. Crash bars may not only save your bike from damage, but can also help prevent gas spills in a lay down crash.

Diesel Clothing Takes The Winter Season By Storm!

Established in 1978, Diesel gets better and better each year. They are releasing new and innovative designs this season, taking the winter market by storm. This year more than ever, they are increasing their target audience and worldwide fan base. This has partially been done by announcing that they will be partnering PlayStation Home as part of their new online campaign. The PlayStation Home is a new feature for PS3 users, which allows you to join a 3D social community, used for interaction and game play. This is a big coup for Diesel because it means that their brand name will be on show within a large commuting network. Within this, the Diesel brand is going to become virtual and offer users the latest clothing and accessories they have to offer.With over 30 years of experience, Diesel has been the runaway brand year after year. Within this time they have produced some of the most unique and innovative designs that have made their way onto the high street, giving Diesel that competitive name they were after. It is down to their dedication and creativity that makes Diesel clothing such a popular clothing brand worldwide. Globally known celebrities such as David Beckham are frequently seen in the Diesel clothing range, from jeans to jackets and accessories. Hand in hand, there really is an endless collection when it comes to Diesel clothing, showing endeavour and creativity that really makes this brand second to none.Within the fashion branded market, it is very competitive. Very much dog eat dog, each brand is competing with each other on the high street in order to sell their garments. Any label new on the high street without that creative spark will surely not survive for long, with big competitors around them. Purely down to the fact that Diesel has been ‘producing the goods’ for 30 years speaks volumes about how much they pin-point priorities on detail and customer satisfaction. Any product from Diesel, whether it be denims or t-shirts, you can rest assured that that you are going to get an item that will be oozing with craftsmanship and precision detailing.With their fan base’s interests at heart, Diesel as a fashion label really does reflect this and are able to deliver the goods each season running. Within marketing campaigns and reviews, they take everything on board in order to further improve their products and brand recognition. This strong connection between Diesel and their customers is not seen much around other branded competitors, meaning that customers feel involved with in the Diesel ‘revolution’.